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What You Say Is Just What Everybody Says

This morning, I'm working on something new. It's been incubating with the new direction, and an insightful experience I had while interviewing. More after the jump.



Digital Works 2013

Over the past six months or so I've been working almost exclusively on a digital tablet. Painting in Photoshop can be quite a hassle, but for someone as on the move as I have been lately, it's just about the only way to work on anything truly engaged. As this was a new medium for me, only a few really pass the litmus test and get my stamp of approval for publishing.

Autumn, 2013



So I'm heading in a new-ish direction. I have some statements on lines that I'd like to share, once they're done formulating fully. Once you get the pictures, I'm sure you'll see why.


More or less, I'm taking a new approach to life in general. Trying to see outside of society, outside of sight itself, and interpretation. On a deeper level, my drawings now move toward what the thing is, more than what it seems to be. And lines like these are wonderful for interpreting that feeling.

Of course, the old representational habit still surfaces, albeit in ghost form. Temporarily dead but never forgotten.

List of interesting nouns, sounds and ideas:

I think I hear screaming in white noise
Animal Society, Plant Society
Human Social Obligation
The Rules of Dirt

... Sounds morbid, but what's morbid?

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