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Digital Works 2013

Over the past six months or so I've been working almost exclusively on a digital tablet. Painting in Photoshop can be quite a hassle, but for someone as on the move as I have been lately, it's just about the only way to work on anything truly engaged. As this was a new medium for me, only a few really pass the litmus test and get my stamp of approval for publishing.

Autumn, 2013


This painting... Well, the image should say most of it. A woman, lost in a forest. I completed it in September in preparation for Halloween and the change in seasons.

In the Morning

Completed in quick succession, I don't feel this painting is the pinnacle of achievement I hoped it would be, but she has her charms in a completely flawed way.

Out is Up

This was the beginning of a cathartic spell. I wanted to illustrate some pain and frustration that was otherwise difficult to express.

Hope you're having a good time, I know I am.

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