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I have been working on a new series of drawings this week. Feels good to sit down for 8 hours today, almost like a real job. Only, y'know, I'm actually doing work.

It's been a long time since I have been motivated enough to commit myself to the craft. I've been practically obligated to do it for over a year, and this is the first serious attempt.

It helps to picture myself as two people: the employee, and the boss. I like being a good employee, and I like being a fair boss, so this technique has been wonderful for my self-esteem, giving me a sense of satisfaction no matter what I get done, or how the end product looks instead of beating myself up and wondering if it's really worth the effort. When I begin to question, I imagine my "boss" self looking over my shoulder. If the boss says to do it, I do it. No questions asked.

In only two days, I've completed a highly detailed drawing, soon to be showcased. It used to take me weeks, back when I was only a "part-time" employee.

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