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24 Hours In

Well, it's probably closer to 40. But, I'll reiterate, it is immensely satisfying to look back at the past 4 days, and say I worked every single one of them. After being out of work for so long, sitting at home worried about looming bills, about when the cupboards would finally be bare, it's freeing to be doing something.

Also, this time I am getting paid. The team of contractors who have been alternately demolishing and rebuilding our landlord's house for the past two weeks had been secretly peeking over my shoulder while I drafted. One was impressed enough to commission two portraits of family members. I've been posting the progress to @IzzenArt

It's a grueling, large-format drawing, but it's work. I do want every image I make to be a masterpiece, in its own way. No matter what the pay rate, no matter the subject, the work is worth it to create something of value. Something that exercises my skill, and will be appreciated. It's only selling out if I do not put my full effort into it. It's only selling out if I can't stand behind my end product. You can inject art into the most mundane tasks imaginable by simply committing yourself to the concept.

I say that now, and yet if corrections need to be made, I know my heart will sink thinking about investing more time. I'll sell out this round so I can buy in the next. C'est la vie.

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