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Give/Receive Piece

Just to warn you, this is older work from 2010. The next few posts will follow suit, as I am trying to collect my images onto one site (and stay there). I am proud of these works, and they represent the origins of how I create now.

A collection of drawings titled "Give/Receive":

The sentiment behind these drawings is a power imbalance: the responsibility of the rich to the poor, of parents, rulers, gods to those subject to their power. A reverence for power pervades contemporary America, where I live and work. I must say, the artist is biased in her representation of a system that not many feel is fair. But I try to take the effect, and produce a symbiotic relationship between my rulers and subjects. The subjects may be stuck, and the rulers may be clueless, but they are bound together. And as caricatures, the persons inside may switch places often throughout a lifetime.

Even though we may not like it, life always serves a higher purpose.

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